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Madison, WI: The Two Days

Day One

Madison, WI is definitely one of the places in the world. I took a trip there on April 6th to see family, also known as my brother and his girlfriend. We drove about 4 hours from western Wisconsin. The drive didn’t feel that long, as I was watching a DougDoug Twitch VOD on the way. We got to the hotel at about 3 or 4 pm, and we checked in. We went to the elevator after we got our stuff and key, and while my mom smelled bacon, I smelled popcorn drenched in butter somehow. When we got up to our floor, we looked at the sign and saw that our room was 230. To myself, I was thinking “Aw, shit. The room is on the other end of this long ass hallway.” To be fair, the hallway wasn’t as long as I thought. Anyway, we walk into the room and put our stuff down, and I immediately get my computer out, and try to fix my radio stations (music.drtyweasl.com), and was successful. We were going to leave to see my brother at 7:00 pm, so I decided to go down to the pool and hot tub for a little bit. After all I had about an hour free before we had to leave. I recalled as I decided to head down, that we heard a bunch of children screaming in the pool area. By a bunch, I mean like 15-20 children… In one pool, and about 3 or 4 in the hot tub. All the parents, of course, on their phone. They always tell us “You spend too much time on your phone,” as they’re on their phones almost as much as us. Anyways, I head down, scan my room keycard, and enter the pool. It was much louder than it was outside the door. I immediately take off my shoes and watch, and put down my phone, and then I enter the hot tub. I sit in there for about 15 to 20 minutes, and got out when the children were getting their pictures taken, for some reason. Yes, all ~24. I enter the pool instead, and then go back a fourth in the pool, until I was bored. It was about 6:45 pm when I left to go back to the room. I get my clothes back on, and get on my computer to do nothing.

At about 7:00 pm, we left the room, got in the elevator, and left. We drove through Madison to get to my brothers apartment (he’s in college here). We got out of the car, and carried some things in from when he moved out. We buzzed in, got in yet another elevator to the 4th floor, and met his girlfriend in the apartment. We talked, and then I felt like I lost my earbud case on either the way in or in the car. I grabbed the car keys and left the apartment. Went down the elevator, to the car, found it in the car, buzzed in, elevator, you get the rest… Then after about 10 to 20 minutes of talking, we left to go to my brother’s work to meet him. The drive there was nothing special, therefore nothing needs to be said. We got there, got out of the car as he was walking out, then walked around the corner to the Don Maguey Mexican Restaurant. We entered, and were sat in a 6-seat table for 5 of us. We ordered our drinks (I got Mountain Dew, of course), and searched the menu for something good. I decided on Fajita Ranchero or whatever it’s called, and waited. We got some chips and salsa, and also some weird pickle ranch. We ate that for a while, and we eventually got our food. It smelt so good. It tasted even better. That was a literally unforgettable meal. I’m still thinking about it today. I got full, and then we paid, left, then got into the car for all of us to get to the hotel room.

We got back after going through the entirety of Madison. It was about 10:00 pm, and since it’s 18 and older time in the pool after that time, we all decided to take a dip in the hot tub. Yes, even me, who is not 18. We don’t talk about that. We were in there for about 30 to 45 minutes, then my brother and his girlfriend thought it was about time to leave. We all got dressed again, and then went back to the room. They started packing up and left. I decided to then try to fix this very website, and start from scratch, also. We eventually went to bed. Except me. I couldn’t get comfortable, and therefore am typing this right now.

Day Two

I eventually fell asleep around 3:00 am. Then I woke up at about 8:20 am. We got ready to go to a Honduran restaurant called Monona Bakery & Eatery. We left, and met my brother and his girlfriend there. I ordered Berry Crepes. It was good. We sat and chat, and talked about cats. Eventually we left to go back to the hotel, and when we got there, we packed up, and left. That is the extent of day two in Madison, WI.

I have one picture from this trip. My amazing hotel view.

Amazing, am I right? Lol. Anyways, thanks for reading this. Goodbye now!


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